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Church and State Designs

Original HG Clutch

Original HG Clutch

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Closeout! Get your hands on the beautiful original design of the Higher Ground Clutch.

Metal zipper pull, real matte leather, and an original Security Detail Insert included. 

Insert notes:

- This bag is sold with the original Security Detail (SD) Insert, which is smaller than the SD Max insert. 

- Insert works best with appendix carry holsters that have an overall depth of around 1", but does have enough flex to accommodate slightly deeper options up to 1.25".

- There is no insert color choice option for this sale product. For The newest design of the Higher Ground Clutch, and the SD Max insert with color options, see the product labeled Higher Ground Clutch.

- Original SD Insert will hold knives, flashlights, tasers, tourniquets, bandages, holstered firearms (see above depth), and other streamlined items with a clip!

**Bag dimensions are 11.5" X 8.5"

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