About Us

Hi! We are the Claridge Family, and we are so happy you are here.
Since the inception of Church and State Designs, we knew that we wanted this to be more than a business. When you visit our online shop or our social media, we want you to walk away, not just as a happy customer, but as a friend who feels uplifted and empowered to take more control of your personal safety. 
In a world that works to divide us, we are overjoyed to have a space where women can come together with a common message that promotes human life. This business was born out of a desire to offer you and your loved ones safer- and more fashionable options for emergency preparedness and self-protection. It's 2023, we shouldn't have to compromise! And now... we won't have to. 
At Church and State Designs, our values are Truth, Action, and Freedom. We purpose to work diligently, using our God given abilities to help you protect your God-given freedoms- in style. Thank you for joining us on this journey. There is power in numbers, and the world needs your bravery!
For His glory, and for freedom,
The Claridge Family
Taalyr, Spencer, the kids, and the dogs