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Independence Insert

Independence Insert

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Changing the game in everyday preparedness, the patent-pending Independence Insert is a hard Kydex unit that is designed to hold a variety of self-defense and emergency-prep options. Featuring durable webbing that acts as a belt within your bag, purse, or pack, its unique construction allows you to keep your firearm in a concealed carry holster and house it easily inside the unit for an added level of safety and concealment. This sleek design also holds knives, tasers, flashlights, tourniquets, Israeli bandages, and any other streamlined item with a clip!

The Independence Insert comes with one patch of loop compatible with the 9.5” x 4” patch of hook on the back of the unit. Place it in any bag that has the correct dimensions, and immediately level up your safety game.

10” W x 6.5” H x 1.25” D (depth at the base of the unit only).

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